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Archive for November, 2011

Thwarting Time’s Arrow

Music is an ideal medium for “thwarting time’s arrow” … transcending its one-way-ness (always moving towards the future) and experiencing a state in which past, present, and future coexist and interpenetrate: An everything-at-once-ness. In this sense, music, like imagination, can get around the “inviolable” laws of physics/reality. What might such sacred time music – to […]

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Has it Become too Easy (to Make Music)?

Back when I started composing, in the pre-MIDI/computer days, it was most definitely NOT easy to make music. Let’s say you wanted to “produce” a string quartet. You’d have to buy (or make your own; yes, we did that too!) staff paper, devise/plan/compose the entire piece by hand, note by note, hearing it in your […]

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The Magical Approach

I grew up enamored of science and rational thought, assumed that the “answers” were out there waiting to be found by some form of logical empirical(ish) analysis. These days I cultivate a naive, unknowing attitude toward the world and my activities in it: a kind of magical approach. The scientific method, for all its obvious […]

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For whom do you make music? An audience, real or imagined? Yourself? Or do you just create … without caring about the whom? Sometimes I create pieces for a real/specific audience (a friend, fellow composer, dance company). sometimes for an imagined/general audience (lovers of experimental electronica). sometimes for myself, without feeling the desire/need to share […]

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The State of Electronica, Revisited

This is the first piece I ever wrote for Computer Music Magazine, way back in the early 2000s. I decided to revisit it now, nearly a decade later, to see if I still “agreed” with what I said back then. My current 2011 comments are in italics. I welcome your comments. :-) The State of […]

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und here we go … ;-)

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