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Archive for May, 2013

Extreme(ly) Extreme Minimalism

What might qualify as extremely extreme minimalism? Music that takes one or more parameters to an almost insane point of rarefaction. Duration, for example. Many minimalist composers have worked with tempos under 10 bpm. But few have broken the 1 bpm border. Fewer still: .1, .01, .001 bpm. Imagine a piece with a tempo of […]

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Extreme(ly) Extreme Maximalism

To extreme-ify something is to push it to its limits. The problem with extreme-ifying maximalism is that the maximal is, by definition, already at its (maximum) limit. So the notion of extreme must take on a different slant. Extreme-ifying the maximal means not going up to, but beyond its limits. This is a bit of […]

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Diminishing Returns?

So many new releases from talented, energetic, ambitious music producers of all ilk every day of every week/month/year … how c’hell is one supposed to decide what to listen to? And, with such a glut of new music, can any single piece *matter* anymore? Beyond the rush of hearing it for the first (and probably […]

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Emulate: Ja. Imitate: Ach NEIN!

All animals learn by imitating, even fancy apes like us. It’s the most efficient way to master the basics of a new field of knowledge. Want to become fluent in conversational Italian? Spend a year in Venice surrounded by native speakers, listening to everything and imitating it like a four-year old: words, inflections, rhythms, phrases, […]

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