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Archive for November, 2014

Albums of the 21st Century

The conventional album – a set of a dozen or so discrete tracks in a fixed order – is a throwback, a trip down memory lane. The technical constraints that necessitated the form are no longer present. But the notion of album as collection of pieces held together by an overarching principle or theme is […]

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Lingua Mater

Every musical instrument has its mother tongue, its own native language that it speaks fluently and without accent. Determining factors include pitch range, timbre, articulation, agility, dynamics, and of course instrument-specific idiosyncratic abilities (drum rolls, shrieking electric guitar feedback, wild saxophone runs). Consider, for example, the cello. Imagine it speaking (singing) a melodic line in […]

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What Would Computers Compose for Pleasure?

Sure, computers can’t feel pleasure, at least not in the sense that we humans feel it. But they can be programmed to “feel” something akin to human pleasure. And, perhaps, when AI comes of age, they can program themselves to feel their own native form of deep digital pleasure. With this in mind: What kind […]

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Creative Listening

“Creative listening” is the art of changing a piece in real time, as you listen to it. The listener is thus elevated from a passive observer to an active co-creator, co-composer; an integral component in the music’s unfolding. You can use creative listening to change every imaginable aspect of what you are listening to: pitch […]

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Oy! More than a year since my last entry. Must remedy forthwith. Roger that.

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