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Diminishing Returns?

So many new releases from talented, energetic, ambitious music producers of all ilk every day of every week/month/year … how c’hell is one supposed to decide what to listen to? And, with such a glut of new music, can any single piece *matter* anymore? Beyond the rush of hearing it for the first (and probably last) time? Is it all a grand eat-all-you-can/dare musical buffet; I’ll have a bite of this (then never think of it again), then this, then that one over there, then hey I forgot about these ones in the corner …

If everyone on the planet makes “competent” (thanks to technology) music, does new music become just another ho-hum consumable?

Guess I’m a modernist at heart … still believing (hoping) that personal/idiosyncratic masterpieces can be written. Singularities, rather than just anonymous blips on an endless online playlist.

Posted on May 18, 2013 at 8:04 am by rachmiel · Permalink