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More is More

Excess, when applied in an artful manner, can dramatically enhance the power and expressiveness of music. Two dazzling examples jump to mind: Birds of Fire and Go Plastic. John McLaughlin’s Mahavishnu Orchestra, which had its heyday in the early 70s, was the most ecstatically loud and musically dense band of its era, perhaps any era. […]

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Contemporary electronic music is plagued by near-universal adherence to boundaries and rules: the 4/4 dictum, standard half-dozen effects, groove fascism, dumbed-down melody and harmony, limited sonic palette, and so on. Trembling before rules stifles compositional chance-taking, which causes the dreaded “same old, same old” effect. It’s too rare these days to listen to a new […]

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Dangerous Music

Though (kinda) fun to watch, I’ve never had any desire to play an extreme sport. When  it comes to my physical well-being, I always put safety first. But when it comes to music I’m a big risk-taker: the more extreme, the more at stake, the more dangerous the music, the better. Dangerous music seeks to […]

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