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Groove Quotient

Check out my most recent album, Groove Quotient, released by Brainstorm Lab. It’s the closest I’ve come (so far) to bridging my two main compositional worlds: avant-garde Euro atonality + quasi-pop electronica/IDM. Julian at Brainstorm Lab pretty much nailed it: “Classically trained composer rachMiel electronically decomposes himself.” Enjoy!

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A dozen spLinters for your aural pleasure (und pain): spLinters

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Groove Fascism

“It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing.” A great quote from a great man … but one that electronica composers seem to have taken all too narrowly. For the Duke, swing was not simply drums or the rhythm section. It was the way that beat, meter, tempo, melody, harmony, phrasing, and […]

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Has it Become too Easy (to Make Music)?

Back when I started composing, in the pre-MIDI/computer days, it was most definitely NOT easy to make music. Let’s say you wanted to “produce” a string quartet. You’d have to buy (or make your own; yes, we did that too!) staff paper, devise/plan/compose the entire piece by hand, note by note, hearing it in your […]

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The State of Electronica, Revisited

This is the first piece I ever wrote for Computer Music Magazine, way back in the early 2000s. I decided to revisit it now, nearly a decade later, to see if I still “agreed” with what I said back then. My current 2011 comments are in italics. I welcome your comments. :-) The State of […]

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