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Sand Mandala Composition

Challenge: Over the period of one full week, create a “sand mandala” piece. Any genre, acoustic or electronic. Work really hard on it, strive passionately to make your best music ever. Share it (with one person, a few, a bunch) at several phases during the course of its one-week lifespan. Then, at the end of […]

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Emulate: Ja. Imitate: Ach NEIN!

All animals learn by imitating, even fancy apes like us. It’s the most efficient way to master the basics of a new field of knowledge. Want to become fluent in conversational Italian? Spend a year in Venice surrounded by native speakers, listening to everything and imitating it like a four-year old: words, inflections, rhythms, phrases, […]

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Groove Quotient

Check out my most recent album, Groove Quotient, released by Brainstorm Lab. It’s the closest I’ve come (so far) to bridging my two main compositional worlds: avant-garde Euro atonality + quasi-pop electronica/IDM. Julian at Brainstorm Lab pretty much nailed it: “Classically trained composer rachMiel electronically decomposes himself.” Enjoy!

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Life as Soundtrack

Bobbi hit it: I’m writing the soundtrack of my life. (Aren’t we all?)

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Six Compositional Challenges

I’m a great believer in growth by challenge: taking on tasks that force you to reach beyond your personal comfort zones and clichés. With that in mind I give you the following six compositional challenges. Take them seriously and I guarantee they will nudge (perhaps even kick) you forward in your personal musical evolution. Create […]

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The Creative Force

We all have it. Everyone/everything has it. It’s just a question of removing the crap that gets in the way of it, right?

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Contemporary electronic music is plagued by near-universal adherence to boundaries and rules: the 4/4 dictum, standard half-dozen effects, groove fascism, dumbed-down melody and harmony, limited sonic palette, and so on. Trembling before rules stifles compositional chance-taking, which causes the dreaded “same old, same old” effect. It’s too rare these days to listen to a new […]

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Compose Your Self

In these days of automation-belt music production — click The Big Red Button to generate a perfectly “correct” (and soul-less) dance track, ambient track, drum and bass track, etc. — it is more important than ever that you master the art of composing yourself. Do you have a deep love of 50s sci-fi soundtracks? Reach […]

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Cliché Free

All composers have a bag of tricks we dip into when creating music: our favorite tried-and-true forms, sounds, grooves, chord changes, turns of phrase, etc. Thus we rely to a large extent on the old when composing the new. There is nothing wrong with this: we are, after all, the totality of our experiences, and […]

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Dangerous Music

Though (kinda) fun to watch, I’ve never had any desire to play an extreme sport. When  it comes to my physical well-being, I always put safety first. But when it comes to music I’m a big risk-taker: the more extreme, the more at stake, the more dangerous the music, the better. Dangerous music seeks to […]

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