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Musical Flow

Musical flow is the succession of sounds (and silences) that spans the duration of a piece. It’s the way a piece unfolds for the listener; its rhythmic and melodic dance; its storyline. A piece’s musical flow cannot be reduced to a simple formula, diagram, or analytical mapping. Flow is a complex and mysterious quality, more […]

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The Rhythmic Divide

I grew up loving the complex, jagged, unpulsed rhythms of the post-Webernian Euros: Stockhausen, Xenakis, Boulez, etc. They were, and continue to be, as — or often more — satisfying to me on a purely rhythmic level than pulsed/metered beats. Naively, I assumed that most progressive music fans also loved aperiodic rhythmic flows. Now, after […]

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A dozen spLinters for your aural pleasure (und pain): spLinters

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Groove Fascism

“It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing.” A great quote from a great man … but one that electronica composers seem to have taken all too narrowly. For the Duke, swing was not simply drums or the rhythm section. It was the way that beat, meter, tempo, melody, harmony, phrasing, and […]

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A sacred time* version of a Lithuanian lullaby: Liulia. * Past/present/future all coexisting at the same “time,” as discussed here.

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Thwarting Time’s Arrow

Music is an ideal medium for “thwarting time’s arrow” … transcending its one-way-ness (always moving towards the future) and experiencing a state in which past, present, and future coexist and interpenetrate: An everything-at-once-ness. In this sense, music, like imagination, can get around the “inviolable” laws of physics/reality. What might such sacred time music – to […]

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